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Enduro Packs Review

Like many athletes, I’ve spent my endurance career searching for that magic formula that will optimize my training, help me recover faster, and perform better on race day. My coach has me dialed in on heart rate zone training and periodization, I measure my heart rate variability every morning, my diet’s clean, but there’s still that desire for an added edge.

Supplements have always fascinated me. I’m willing to try anything once, but finding the right combination and dosage can be difficult and potentially dangerous. At one point I was stacking too many products at once causing internal overload. A metabolic test showed my liver enzymes to be working overtime and alarmingly out of range. I now have my blood work done quarterly.

Having recently had my blood drawn and knowing from where to set a baseline, I was willing to give the Enduro Packs 30-day sample pack a try. While all the numbers were within range at the end of the trial period, what I appreciate most is how quickly I recovered. Hemocrit numbers even looked great considering 40-49 is optimal for endurance athletes.

The protocol itself is extremely easy to follow and portable when travelling to events. The Liquid Multivitamin which is to be taken daily is delicious. It’s sweetened with xylitol which perked my initial interest because it’s something recommended by my dentist since I’m a candy fiend. I did have better bio-absorption success when taken with food than on an empty stomach. This was evident by the faintly neon urine I noticed when I had not taken it with food.

The Concentrated Electrolyte Spray has a faint hint of lemon-lime and while I honestly didn’t notice any pros or cons during training, I did seem to be adequately hydrated. I really appreciated the Essential Amino Recovery Patch which delivers nutrients transdermally because of its convenience. The recommended placement is the forearm or stomach and I felt no tingling as I’d expected, nor did I experience any kind of rash. Finally, two Glutamine Recovery Complex pills are to be taken every night to support recovery which leads me back to HRV.

Two weeks into the sample I ran the Bandera 25K which is regarded as one of the nastiest trail races in Texas. The weather was hot for January so I didn’t press too hard, but what I noticed while on course was how much I actually enjoyed the race even as a cold weather runner. Although the conditions were much better than the year before (wet and muddy), I managed to rattle off a 30 minute PR! What was most surprising, however, was how good I felt in the morning – no muscle soreness. I’d guessed I would need to take a full recovery day judging from the Total Stress Score, but HRV said I could put in some light work – a 10K shake out.

Upon completion of the trial, I would recommend the pack simply for its ease of use, portability, and convenience. For consumers who are hesitant about proper dosages, I assure you that there’s no guesswork. Remember that results aren’t instantaneous and you must be diligent in its daily application. Perceived soreness and HRV didn’t lie since I definitely felt that I’d recovered quickly and was able to resume training.

Finally, while it was a week outside of when the trial period ended, I’d saved one dose to get me through pacing my teammate’s wife for the Austin Marathon. Luckily the week without continuity was taper week. I managed to sleep well post-race and while it was difficult to go up and down stairs the next day, I still got in the gym for a moderate spin session to flush everything out and take Yoga for Athletes.

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